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SkyWire Customer Spotlight: Island Grinds

SkyWire Customer Spotlight: Island Grinds

Serving up the flavor of the islands and located in Southern Utah, Island Grinds is a Hawaiian/Polynesian restaurant as well as a respected leader of the local community. You see, Island Grinds is a project of New Beginnings Academy, a non-profit organization that helps at-risk youths raise money for sports and educational programs while providing customers delicious and authentic island fare.

Island Grinds gives adolescents and young adults in the community who are interested in a career the opportunity for real hands-on experience. The easy-to-use interface and straightforward programming of SkyWire’s POS makes it the ideal system for these employees, many of whom will begin training for their first job in the food industry.

But that’s not the only reason SkyWire POS was chosen. Security came in at a close second. Management feels that it’s imperative for the restaurant to have a POS system that will protect its customers’ data as well as their own. With SkyWire’s POS system, Island Grinds will never have to worry about losing their data and reports in the event of an emergency; terminals and the database share information, ensuring that the information is always there. Customers can also rest assured that their credit card information is secured with Point-to-Point encryption, safeguarding it against data breaches.


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