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Tomi Ahonen Talks SMS And MMS Stats

Tomi Ahonen talks SMS and MMS stats

Tomi Ahonen: the “godfather of mobile,” has been called by Forbes as one of the world’s top influencers in mobile and he joined Peggy and Shahab on a recent Mobile Presence podcast to talk about the benefits of SMS and MMS marketing.

“Going back to basics: If your target market doesn’t have your app installed on their smart phone, or don’t have a smart phone at all, how will you market to them via mobile?”

SMS user stats

There are 4 times more SMS users than Facebook users, 10 times more than whatsapp! “6,000 American teenagers were asked what they do on their phones and text messaging was #1, beating out social media and apps.”


There are approximately 3 billion active users, anyone who receives an mms they think they are receiving an sms with a cool picture or video. Everyone knows how to respond to it.

Open rate for MMS and SMS is the same at 95%.

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