TCM Platinum Edition

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The Platinum Edition has the same feature sets as our Gold Edition, while providing a more robust architecture that busy networks or multiple locations need. The system enables companies with multiple departments or multiple locations to feed data into a centralized data base in real time.

Package includes Platinum TCM 1500 Software, 1 desktop USB Biometric Scanner, 1 year of support (phone support, free software updates, cloud based disaster recovery.) Annual Support after year 1 = $999.00


  • Operates on licensed networked computers in multiple facilities.
  • Compatible for up to 1500 employees.
  • Powered by Microsoft Access data base.
  • Wide Area Network Application.
  • Runs as a Windows Service
  • 1 Digital Persona UrU scanner is included.
  • Additional biometric and other input devices are available.
  • Standard connection to QuickBooks®.
  • Unlimited sets of business rules.
  • Project and Job Cost Tracking (LTMM)
  • Single tap fingerprint engine.
  • Automated rounding.
  • Track projects and types of work.
  • Collect labor time management data.
  • Multiple companies in the same building if on the same system.
  • Ability for project utility to generate job tickets.
  • Manager timecard approval sign off.
  • Automated rules for breaks and paid breaks.
  • Unlimited pay codes/hours.
  • Definable pay frequencies.
  • Define holidays besides those that are standard.
  • Carry forward hours to other pay periods.
  • Shift differentials based on time of day (premium pay).
  • Shift people into different types and assign different business rules.
  • Specify reconcile items for break rules.
  • Prevent unscheduled punches.
  • Spanning midnight rules available.
  • Compare schedule to actual hours.
  • Automated rounding to schedules.
  • Variable time setting for end of day process.
  • Definable password memory time.
  • Four (4) supervisory workstations.
  • Exports to Comma Separated Values file.
  • Flexible reporting.
  • Employee self check reports.
  • Who’s Here Now Report.
  • Off line data collector available.

If you have more than ten (10) locations or over 1500 employees, please look at our Diamond Edition.

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