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The Silver Edition expands on the Bronze Edition’s features and allows for employee punches to be compared to a schedule, among other business rules. It allows you to track hours for up to 100 employees.

Package includes Silver TCM 100 Software, 1 desktop USB Biometric Scanner, 1 year of support (phone support, free software updates, cloud based disaster recovery.) Annual Support after year 1 = $199.00


(Additionally to those of the Bronze Edition)

  • Operates on one computer.
  • Compatible for as many as 100 employees.
  • 1 Digital Persona UrU scanner is included.
  • Additional biometric and other input devices are available.
  • Standard connection to Quickbooks®.
  • 1 set of business rules.
  • Define holidays besides those that are standard.
  • Carry forward hours to other pay periods.
  • Shift differentials based on time of day (premium pay).
  • Specify reconcile items for break rules.
  • Prevent unscheduled punches.
  • Compare schedule to actual hours.
  • Automated rounding to schedules.
  • Event Log Report (Audit Report).
  • Access Denied Report.
  • Tardy and Absent Report.
  • Weekly Schedule Report.
  • Needs Reconcile Report (Daily Exception Report).

Refer to the Version 6.3 Edition’s Features grid for a more complete highlights list.

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